The Fourteenth MEDCOAST Congress on Coastal and Marine Sciences, Engineering, Management & Conservation (MEDCOAST 19)

The Fourteenth MEDCOAST Congress on Coastal and Marine Sciences, Engineering, Management & Conservation
22  –  26 Oct. 2019, Club Yazici Turban Hotel (****), Marmaris, Turkey

The MEDCOAST congress in Marmaris (Turkey) is the fourteenth event of the biennial series that was started in 1993 for contributing to coastal and marine sciences, engineering, management and conservation particularly in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. Since the first event in 1993 (Antalya, Turkey), the MEDCOAST congress series have travelled around the Mediterranean and the Black Sea coasts, visiting Taragona (Spain), Qawra (Malta), Antalya (Turkey), Hammamet (Tunisia), Ravenna (Italy), Kusadasi (Turkey), Alexandria (Egypt), Sochi (Russia), Rhodes (Greece), Marmaris (Turkey) Varna (Bulgaria) and Mellieha (Malta). The congress has been regularly organized in every odd numbered year, in the months of either October or November. MEDCOAST 19 is the second meeting in Marmaris and at the fabulous all-inclusive Grand Yazici Turban Hotel, following the Global Congress in Integrated Coastal Management in 2013, which was a large event jointly organised by MEDCOAST and EMECS Foundations.
The past thirteen meetings of the biennial MEDCOAST congress series produced 31 volumes of proceedings totalling over 19 000 pages. They constitute a very important source of information for coastal and marine sciences, engineering, management and conservation issues particularly for the Mediterranean and the Black Sea countries. MEDCOAST congress proceedings are covered by the indexing schemes such as Web of Science, Scopus and Compendex of Elsevier. Starting with MEDCOAST 17, the name of the series was changed to “International MEDCOAST Congress on Coastal and Marine Sciences, Engineering, Management and Conservation”. The congress series will continue to give special emphasis to the Mediterranean, Black and Caspian seas.
The fourteenth MEDCOAST congress in Marmaris (Turkey) takes place at a time when the European Commission is keenly involved in facilitating programs for Mediterranean and the Black Sea in the fields of Integrated Maritime Policy (IMP), Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) and Blue Growth (Economy). The Marmaris congress will provide excellent opportunities for discussing national and regional efforts and capabilities in these and related fields as well as the future needs and directions. The meeting will also be a good occasion for networking and collaboration initiatives.
Similar to the past thirteenth events, the technical program of the second Marmaris congress will include an opening and keynote session, thematic parallel sessions for oral presentations, several special sessions, a poster session and the closing session, in which the second Marmaris Declaration will be reviewed and endorsed by the participants and the best poster winners will be announced and awarded. The Marmaris congress will also have a rich social program including a half-day cultural tour and a full-day technical trip to Köyceğiz — Dalyan Delta.
We expect that MEDCOAST 19 international congress, organized at a lovely all-inclusive hotel of a pearl tourist town Marmaris located at the heart of a coastal National Park, enhanced by the charms of historic setting and attractive environs, enjoying the rich culture, well-known hospitality and the famous cuisine of the Turkish people, will serve as a reference event for discussing numerous issues of coastal and marine areas. We are confident to realize another very successful and enjoyable MEDCOAST congress in Marmaris in October 2019!

A. Coastal systems, Conservation issues
Geography, geology, geomorphology, sedimentology;
Oceanography, operational oceanography;
Coastal and marine ecosystems, biology and ecology;
Marine mammals, endangered species;
Conservation issues, biodiversity, exotic & invasive species;
Coastal ecosystems management;
Rehabilitation of damaged ecosystems;
Coastal and marine protected areas;
Coastal landscapes;
B. Integrated Coastal Management (ICM)
Theoretical framework and case reports;
Coastal management tools and instruments, databases;
Coastal and marine policy, science and policy integration;
Coastal governance, institutional arrangements;
International efforts and programs in ICM;
Legal, economic and social issues;
Environmental / ecological economics;
Education, public involvement & NGO role, media role;
Evaluation of ICM impacts, coastal management indicators;
Demonstration pilot projects;
C. Coastal management issues
Coastal and submarine archaeology, management of
 ancient sites, monuments and ship wrecks;
Coastal wetlands, dunes, estuaries, deltas and lagoons;
Beaches and their management;
Coastal water resources and watershed management;
Water quality management, water and sediment pollution, land based sources, hazardous wastes, ocean
  acidification, algal blooms, bio- indicators of pollution
  and monitoring, pollution control;
Marine litter, solid wastes management;
Trans-boundary pollution issues, legal context;
Environmental impacts, coastal degradation,
  Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Strategic
 Environmental Assessment (SEA);
Disaster prevention, mitigation and management;
Climate change impacts, adaptation and mitigation
D. Sustainable development of coastal/marine areas
Sustainable development concerns, indicators, sustainable development of coastal and marine resources;
Blue economy issues, Integrated Marine Policy (IMP),
  coastal and maritime spatial planning (CMSP);
Urban development issues, waterfront renovation;
Coastal tourism planning and management, ecotourism, recreation, marine tourism;
Living resources, fisheries, mariculture;
Marine transportation issues, oil transport;
Marine energy issues
Sitting of major industrial facilities;
E. Coastal engineering, Modelling,
    Decision support systems, Data management
Coastal, environmental and ecosystem modelling;
Coastal hydrodynamics;
Coastal sediment transport and erosion;
Coastal processes and erosion, shoreline management;
Coastal and ecocoastal engineering;
Water level changes, sea level rise and consequences;
Coastal and marine monitoring;
Use of remote sensing technology and geographic
 information systems in coastal management.

Prof. Erdal Özhan, President, MEDCOAST Foundation
Prof. E. Özhan (Chair), Mediterranean Coastal Foundation
Dr. S. Abdalla, ECMWF, Reading, UK
Dr. V. Barale (ret.), JRC of EU, Ispra, Italy
Dr. M. C. Buia, Stazi. Zoologica Anton Dohrn, Naples, Italy
Dr. A. Giardino, DELTARES, The Netherlands
Prof. I. Kantarzhi, Moscow State Univ. of Civil Eng., Russia
Prof. R. Kosyan, RAS SIO SB, Gelendzhik, Russia
Prof. A. S. Micallef, University of Malta, Malta
Dr. Frank van der Meulen, The Netherlands
Dr. C. Pergent-Martini, University of Corsica, France
Prof. G. Pergent, University of Corsica, France
Dr. M. Stancheva, CCMS, Varna, Bulgaria
Mr. J. van der Weide, CEMC, The Netherlands
Prof. A. T. Williams, Swansea Metropolitan Univ., UK
Abstracts for MEDCOAST 19 Congress must be submitted online via the Congress webpage, starting with the date 15 March 2019… The deadline for abstract submission is 31 May 2019. The abstracts must be limited to single-spaced one page at the maximum, and must list the names, titles, affiliations, mailing addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of each author.
Abstracts should be specific and informative. They must include sufficient information on the paper’s subject, its findings and conclusions. The last name of each author and co-author(s) should be underlined. In the upper right hand corner, one of the topics of the MEDCOAST 19 Congress, which is addressed by the abstract, must be indicated. If necessary, you may use a new topic that is not on the list. In the case that the paper is co-authored, please indicate at the end of the abstract, the person who will present the paper at the congress.
Notification of acceptance of the abstracts, together with the guidelines for manuscript preparation and submission instructions, will be e-mailed to the first author (or to the corresponding author) by 17 June 2019. The final manuscript, prepared in full accordance with the instructions, must be submitted by 09 August 2019 as a soft copy through online submission system of the Congress website. If the author(s) cannot provide the full manuscript(s) by the deadline, an extended abstract, singled spaced two-page of A4 size long, may be submitted instead. In case of failure in complying with the rules for preparation of manuscripts and extended abstracts or in meeting the deadline for submission, the paper/extended abstract will not be processed and will not be included in the Congress Proceedings and the Program. The extended abstracts are not covered by the citation schemes.
The Executive Program Committee and the MEDCOAST Foundation will accept or reject manuscripts and extended abstracts based on information provided in the accepted abstracts and/or quality of the contribution, and will assign accepted papers to appropriate oral and poster sessions.
The manuscripts of accepted papers for both oral or poster presentations will be published in the Proceedings without indication of the mode of presentation and the extended abstracts in the Book of Extended Abstracts of MEDCOAST 19 Congress. These publications will be given to the participants during registration at the start of the congress, as a part of the registration fee. As has been done for the previous MEDCOAST congresses, it is planned to publish Special Volumes in leading journals on coastal and marine sciences, engineering, management and conservation, by using selected papers from the proceedings and by following the usual peer review procedure.
Several organisations have been invited for sponsoring and supporting the MEDCOAST 19 Congress. The complete list will be announced at the Congress webpage.
Thematic sessions, organized by collaborating institutions, will be included in the congress program.
Certain topics may be better presented in the MEDCOAST 19 Poster Session. If you wish to make a poster presentation, please indicate it at the end of your abstract.
A poster competition will take place and a jury will evaluate all poster presentations. Three Best Poster Prizes will be given to the winners at the Closing Session.
A commercial exhibit of coastal and marine programs, research, technology, engineering, development, resource management and related facilities, products, systems and services will be held during MEDCOAST 19 Congress. Participation by public and private agencies and companies is encouraged.
As in all previous MEDCOAST congresses, rich and enjoyable social and cultural events will be included in the congress program. A half-day cultural trip to famous places in/around Marmaris and a full-day technical trip to Köyceğiz Town and Lake, Dalyan Town and Delta, İztuzu Loggerhead marine turtle nesting beach and ancient Kaunos city state during the final day of the congress are planned.
Abstract submission:                May 31, 2019
Acceptance notification:           June 17, 2019
Manuscript submission:            Aug 09, 2019
More information about the congress like registration fees & accommodation are posted at the Congress web page.