International Biodiversity & Ecology Sciences Symposium 2019

International Biodiversity & Ecology Sciences Symposium 2019

BioEco 2019 Invitation

September 26-28, 2019 ─ İstanbul-TURKEY

Dear Colleagues,

It is great pleasure to invite you to the "International Biodiversity & Ecology Sciences Symposium (BioEco2019)", which will be held on 26-28 September 2019 in İstanbul, Turkey.
We would be highly delighted with your participation. We would also be thankful if you could inform your colleagues about the symposium and encourage them for the participation.
Please note that an author can submit and present maximum 2 papers for the Symposium. There is no extra cost for second paper by same author. 
All contributions will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee and they reserve the right to decide form of presentation (oral/poster) in case of scope of the presentation or timing.
Abstracts of accepted presentations will be published free of charge in an e-book of symposium proceedings. 
Registration for the symposium is obligatory.

Deadline for the submission of the presentation is 20/08/2018

Detailed information can be obtained through the website of the symposium;
As the organizing committee, we would be honoured and very pleased to see all who are interested in Biodiversity & Ecology sciences from related institutes, universities, ministries and non-governmental organizations. 
Thank you for your interest in advance.
Kind Regards,

 Prof. Dr. Tahir Özcan
Dates of the Symposium
26 - 28 September 2019
Deadline for Abstract / Full Paper Submission
20 August  2019
Notification of Acceptance
Within 20 days after the submission
Deadline for Early Registration
1 June 2019
Deadline for Regular Registration
30 April - 15 August 2019
Payment for Symposium Fee
Upon receiving an acceptance letter 
Scientific Schedule of the Symposium
10 September 2019
Deadline for payments
1 September 2019

Symposium Topics

Biology Environmental
Marine Biology Environmental Sustainability Policy
Freshwater Biology Environmentally Friendly Structures
Behavioral Biology Environmental Education
Conservation Biology Environmental Law
Biology Education and Teaching The Effect of Environmental Parameters on Quality of Life
Ecosystems Environment and Municipality
Terrestrial Ecosystems Environment and Urbanism
Aquatic Ecosystems Environmental Sciences
Ecosystem Health Environmental Chemistry
Forests Ecology
Plant and animal physiology Ecology
Algology Vector Ecology
Biochemistry Landscape Ecology
Bioethics Restoration Ecology
Biogeography Eco-friendly Design
Bioinformatics Agriculture, Forestry activities and Environment
Botanical Ecotourism
Evolution Ecosolution
Farm Plants Climate Change
Fisheries and Aquaculture Climate Change
Biopiracy Climate Factors
Bioremediation Greenhouse Effect
Forestry Aridity
Microbiology Desertification
Mycology Erosion
Ornithology Carbon Footprint
Parasitology Drought
Pathology Pollution
Physiology Environmental Pollution
Plant Anatomy and Morphology Water Pollution
Systematic Air Pollution
Toxicology Public Health and Environment
Veterinary Sciences Energy & Economy
Zoology Economy and Environment
Others Energy Systems and Environment
Applied Biology Renewable Energy
Bioengineering Carbon Economy
Biomathematics Development and Environment
Biomedical Provincial Administration, Water, and Environment Relation
Biophysics The relationship between occupation health and safety and environment
Biostatistics Socio-economic development and environment
Biotechnology Recycle
Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Mines and Environment
Molecular Biology Population and Environmental Problems
Molecular and Cellular Biology
Developmental Biology
Medical Biology

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